La nostra filosofia

The future that we create in this way uses technology as a means to return to the fundamental values of Made in Italy: charm, respect and inclusion.

We carefully select the fabrics used because they determine much of the environmental footprint of our clothing. That is why we ask our suppliers and producers to be organic, essential and ethical.

Our mission is to redefine the paradigms of the fashion industry, one garment at a time. As a company, we believe that the health of the planet and its people is a priority. By engaging in the use of non-toxic products, natural and organic materials, we hope to join the clean fashion movement and influence change.
Nature as inspiration to find new shapes and raw materials.
Inspired by anatomy, fashion comes to life in a contemporary dimension and, thanks to new technologies, realizes garments following the muscular sinuosities as a track on which to build the dress.

We are continuously stimulated by the new not being able to remain indifferent to the environment that surrounds, surrounds and nourishes us.
We walk the path of the green revolution to protect this world, sure that the path will still be challenging and full of challenges.
The future depends on our choices, in everything.
The future is therefore also a choice to wear.
Nitia is a community open to exchange, meeting and sharing the challenges launched by the blue economy, the green economy, and the circular economy. The sole aim is to activate a virtuous production process that balances competitiveness and sustainability, achieving a development that ensures the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to realise their own.

“Our only safety is our ability to change.” John Lilly

La nostra filosofia

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