A harmony between design, attention to detail, quality of the raw material, attention to the environment, but at the same time absolute valorization of the woman in all its forms, through the creation of garments designed for all needs.

The brand is born in Puglia, between “trulli” and olive trees, it reinvents the traditional “down jacket” thanks to an innovative design, enriched by the choice of fine fabrics, by the meticulous attention to detail.

Initiating research on recycled materials that is increasingly used, and marrying an increasingly green philosophy, Nitia is close to the environment, because fashion today can not only pay tribute to vanity, but must be ethical, ecological, sustainable, respectful of the nature that surrounds us.

The intuition was a proven success and, from Valle D’Itria, the brand is soon recognized and appreciated in Italy and abroad, present in the prestigious exhibitions of Milan, Moscow, Poznan, Madrid and Düsseldorf and dominates the pages of the most famous women’s magazines: from a small family-run business, here is born a company of international value. Nitia is aimed at a wider and increasingly varied female audience: with its innovative proposal of refined garments that enhance the female figure, it can meet the needs of the contemporary woman, who wants to be sporty but at the same time elegant, practice but attentive to the latest trends.

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