La donna Nitia

“Leave me all the wrinkles, don’t take one from me. It took me forever to make them”, this is the phrase of actress Anna Magnani before going on set to play the woman of that time, with her imperfections of mother, woman, worker and lover. One of the effective representations of women that we inspire.

We believe that women also wear their values, find confidence in comfort, beauty in the community and strength in their own skin.

Images are communication, memory, knowledge, education. They are our reflection image.

For us the woman is a living being in perfect balance on a sphere called WORLD, breaks down barriers and boundaries free from the seasonality of the garment, and is attentive to the environment that surrounds her, rejects the labels and returns to the pure essence of a woman. The return to the search for what the woman likes, even with those wrinkles that we are so busy hiding, those wrinkles that tell without filters the passage of time and emotions lived, the adventures accomplished, the successes, the goals, of everything that values a life.

Linear and precious, comfortable and free, the Nitia woman rediscovers herself in a femininity that approaches and embraces, sustains and protects, in a new way of experiencing beauty, where self-representation and ethics become synonymous with an inclusive and conscious vision.

Communication in fashion has a great responsibility in the deformation of the portrait of the woman in the common imagination, counterfeit and unreal, which has lost sight of the peculiar nature of the female being, in its delicate and imperfect fragility of living being, of half-apple, of genuine interdependence from man, never opposed but complementary to him.

“The woman came out of the rib of the man, not from her feet to be trampled on, not from her head to be higher, but from her side, to be equal, under her arm to be protected, beside her heart to be loved.”

William Shakespeare

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