Nitia is a brand that, influenced by a lifestyle, creates fashion.

Fashion that goes beyond the dress, it is around us, in the earth and in the streets. It has to do with ideas, with our way of life and with what happens in everyday life.

To dress is to communicate, what we wear has a direct impact on our own and on the common well-being and the methods chosen for the realization of the garments impact the earth on which we walk, the air we breathe.

For us, an Italian company with three generations of experience, the goal was to expand our concept of clothing that goes beyond a simple industry, conceiving fashion as a complex ecosystem, a circle in which to protect people and the planet, today and for the good of future generations.

We are women and men in fluid movement in the world who work to give life to collections from futuristic tailoring, clean lines and natural fabrics.

The present is a choice to live, transmit and wear through garments that retain the indelible memory of the wise hands that created them giving them the shape of beauty.


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